Counseling for Teens in San Diego

Teen Counseling in San Diego | Counseling for teens in San Diego

The STRUGGLE is real...

Counseling for Teens in San Diego

The adolescent years can be a challenging, yet pivotal time in your teen’s life. Your (not so little) child needs structure, guidance, unwavering love, and LOTS of grace. But how do you balance all of those pieces? It may seen like an insurmountable task. 

As a parent, chances are, you are just trying to stay afloat and survive adolescence with them. After all, in the age of social media and technology, raising a teen can be quite the challenge. 

It can be difficult to provide your teen with support and guidance, while ensuring that they are safe, getting good grades, and making sound decisions. When you throw in blended (or non-blended) family issues, peer drama, and raging hormones- you have yourself a perfect storm. One. Perfectly. Complicated. Storm. 

So how do you support your teen through the storm? You want to be by their side, but you know that they have to face a series of tough decisions, without you. 

Call to action

So what can YOU do as a parent? 

You can bring them to teen counseling in San Diego.

Through adolescent counseling, you can give your teen an outlet- a safe place for them to process their emotions- a setting where they can learn productive ways to cope- and a space where they can learn how to overcome adversity and foster healthy relationships. 

Counseling for teens in San Diego can help your adolescent manage pain in effective ways, gain insight, find solutions, and face tough decisions related to peer pressure, self-identity, independence, substances, bullying, and difficult social dynamics. 

Whether your teen suffers from anxiety, OCD, depression, autism, or ADHD, I am here to support them in finding productive and practical methods to deal with their discomfort. Family dynamics, transgender issues, personal growth, transition, body-image issues, and anger are topics that I can help your teen address.  

Because the pressure to fit a certain mold can be unyielding and heavy, it is vital that your teen has support so that they can successfully (and safely) navigate their way towards adulthood. 

AND NOW, I WANT TO HELP YOUR TEEN FIND effective and productive solutions for their problems. 

The first step is simple.

Click on the link below and request a discovery call with me today and let’s support your teen together- one step at a time.

Empathy and understanding must always precede advice.
— John Gottman