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Couples Counseling in San Diego; Boucher Inc

Couples Counseling in San Diego; Boucher Inc

I'm here to help

Hi, I'm Devon DuBois... Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Mission Valley, San Diego.

Are you ready to BLOSSOM- to REDEFINE yourself- and to CREATE the life that you deserve and love?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live more from intention and less from habit- to be able to tackle challenges from a confident and empowering place as opposed to a place of fear or uncertainty?

Well, it’s time to show-up and ADVOCATE for yourself - and together, we will embark on your greatest adventure- (re)creating YOU.

Therapy does not have to be a painful and daunting process.

Sure, there may be tears at times, but there will also be smiles, sighs of relief, and some warm and fuzzy moments.

Therapy can be a riveting, liberating, and life-changing experience. YOU have the POWER to change; and with me in your corner, we can begin to heal your wounds from the inside out.

- Devon DuBois,  San Diego Couples Therapist


I believe...

I believe EVERYONE deserves to BELONG

I believe that music, food, and stories can bring people TOGETHER

I believe that VULNERABILITY is never a weakness

I believe we should ENGAGE in the kind of LAUGHTER that breeds tears 

I believe in letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle

I believe we are LUCKY to live in a world where puppies, cheese, & coffee exist

I believe that we are STRONGER, together

I believe we should LISTEN to what our tears say

I believe there is a RESILIENT & TENDER spirit inside all of us- access it

I believe that ADVOCATING for yourself is BRAVE & DARING- embrace & LOVE your inner champion

I believe that we should PROTECT our values & chase our DREAMS

I believe that leaning into the uncomfortable can CREATE positive CHANGE

I believe words are capable of causing pain, and REMEDYING it

I believe that EMOTIONS are a boundless source of MAGIC- we can work with them- through them- and use them as HEALING AGENTS

And I definitely believe in…

The power of EMPATHY & the pursuit of AUTHENTICITY

Devon Dubois




 Counseling Services in San Diego

Whether you're seeking individual support or couples counseling in San Diego, I am devoted to helping you experience relief, connection, and happiness. I invite you to explore a variety of my professional therapy services and solutions below. You can do this, and I can help you get there.

Individual Therapy in San Diego

If you're in need of balance, relief, and clarity, individual therapy can be a beneficial and liberating step towards your happiness and well-being. Heal your internal wounds, break-free from the chains of habit, and gain a deeper appreciation for who you are in this world. Let’s (re)create you! 

CoupleS Counseling In San Diego

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples is a short–term treatment approach that can help you to repair relational injuries, heal from devastating betrayals, communicate more effectively, and restore closeness and intimacy in your most sacred relationship. 

Individual and relationship Counseling for women

Engaging in therapy that is centered around women’s issues can be the ultimate remedy for your sadness or worry. Conquering your fears, finding your inner strength, overcoming your struggles, and breaking down your emotional barriers are vital to a healthy and fulfilling life. 

PREMARITAL Counseling in San diego

Premarital therapy will prepare you and your loved one for your greatest adventure of all- a life of cohesiveness and bliss. Together, we can safeguard your relationship while creating a deeper and more meaningful connection between you and your partner. 

“And the Day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
— Anais Nin
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