Premarital Counseling in San Diego

Planning for your union

Premarital counseling in San Diego

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to premarital counseling in San Diego!

Whether you are eloping or planning an extravagant wedding reception, chances are you would like your relationship to stand the test of time.

Designing a life that you both love is a beautiful and exciting process. It should be a time where you are investing in and believing in one another- a time where you come together to connect and make a solid plan for all of your post-wedding adventures.

It’s also an important stage. It’s so important, in fact, that it should be protected. In other words, the actual planning of your union should not take a backseat to wedding prep.

Planning for the Union While Investing in Your Relationship

If you are planning on having a reception, chances are you have spent countless hours and large sums of money making sure that you will host the party of your dreams. This makes sense. Receptions are fun and you will be able to cherish the memories that you create, forever.

Learn to reach for the people you love. Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom. Survival of the fittest had it all wrong- it’s really survival of the most nurtured.
— Sue Johnson

But, your reception will only last one night. Your relationship, on the other hand, will last for decades. This is why, investing in and safeguarding your relationship, before you get married, is vital.

Before the “I Do’s,” Engage in Premarital Counseling

As a therapist who specializes in couples therapy and premarital counseling, I am here to keep you on track- to ensure that your life’s dreams and relationship goals do not get lost in all of the pre-wedding chaos.

Think of me as a wedding planner, but for your union. I am here to ensure that you are both prepared and well-equipped to handle what life may throw your way, before, during, and after the ceremony is over.

Together, we will create a safe space where you can share your dreams, your fears, and your future plans in a way that is positive, productive, and intentional.

How Premarital Counseling in San Diego Can set you up for success

Premarital counseling will help you to remain connected and bonded even when differences arise. The main goal will be to strengthen your couples bond (even if it is already very strong) while teaching you how to be a better partner, supporter, responder, communicator, and ally.

How you “tie your (relationship) knot” is up to you. If you would like it to be a strong one- one that is secure and durable, premarital counseling is the process to engage in.

Premarital Counseling in San Diego can help you to:

Exclusivity, engagement, and ultimately marriage don’t create commitment; they reflect it, because a promise or pledge means nothing unless you feel your partner’s commitment to you.
— Thomas G. Fiffer, The Good Men Project
  • Heal from past relational injuries
  • Set clear expectations and boundaries with your partner
  • Define roles and create healthy communication styles
  • Break-down negative patterns so that you and your partner can remain close and bonded
  • Discuss “hot topics” in a way that is both productive and vulnerable
  • Create more safety and connection in the relationship
  • Build a strong, safe, and secure foundation
  • Repair faster and have softer discussions
  • Work through and heal from any unresolved issues in the relationship

The Key(s) to a Successful Marriage...

1)  Make time for your relationship- invest in it- now and always. If you are unable to attend premarital counseling, I hope that you are able to keep some of these gems in the forefront of your mind....

2)  It’s not about never “going to bed angry.” It’s so much more than that. It’s about being there during a crisis, having your partner’s back, creating dreams together, sharing responsibility for issues you didn’t create, being patient, and being accessible, responsive, and emotionally engaged (yes, even when you’re tired).

3)  It’s about showing up and moving towards your partner in a loving, empathic, and open way. It’s about learning to take a curious stance as opposed to an attacking one during times of distress.

4)  It’s about responding versus reacting- about being helpful and not hurtful.

5)  It’s about loving and embracing all of your emotions while realizing that you may have to consistently shift and redefine the way in which you respond to your partner’s needs. 

6)  It’s about taking care of you- loving you- and making sure that your needs are met too.


The first step is simple.

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