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Hello friends! WELCOME! We are SO HAPPY that you are visiting this page. We hope you will join us for one of our upcoming creative events. If you would like some space to reconnect with yourself, develop a clear focus, and build a sense of community,  join us for one of our Nourish Gathering workshops in San Diego.  We will spend time in personal reflection as well as engaging in some creative fun. 


Our mission is to create a space in the company of other women where we find rejuvenation, reconnect with creativity and develop self-nurturing rhythms for our lives.

Our Next Event- Intentional + Essential

Check back soon. Our next gathering will be in February 2019.

About Nourish Gatherings- meet the women

Alair Olson, Devon DuBois, and Andrea Knox originally came together as part of a group to discuss marketing for their Marriage and Family Therapy practices. They would regularly meet to talk strategy, goals, and outcomes. Over the months, the group changed shape and members, and the three continued to meet. But the focus of the group shifted from just talking marketing strategy, to discussing some of life’s real struggles. The group became a place of authenticity, safety, encouragement, and friendship. We have now been meeting for 5 years. 

At several meetings the dream of doing something together came up... something fun and meaningful, where our connection could be shared and a space could be created that mirrored the sacred space of our meetings. This is how Nourish was born!  With the intent to create a place where women feel welcome, safe and supported, and have time for some essentials: creativity, self care, reflection, fun and connection. When you attend a Nourish Gathering, we hope you feel our genuine intention to create a nurturing environment for you and share the sense of community that we have cherished with each other.  

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San Diego Events

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Join us for an evening of Sacred Wreath Making

Take time away from the crazy to get in touch with your real intentions for the holidays, and create a GORGEOUS holiday wreath to serve as a touchstone for those intentions. Enjoy cozy refreshments and craft alongside a wonderful group of women.



We often find ourselves swept up in the hustle of life that we forget what we truly desire in life.  Over time, this can be exhausting and discouraging.  Feel familiar?

When was the last time you asked yourself, “What energizes me?  What gets me up early in the morning and keeps me up late at night?  What do I really love to do and be about?”