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Why Choose Devon DuBois Therapy for Couples Counseling in San Diego?

Devon is a skilled clinician that I often refer out to. Devon’s responsiveness to clients, accessibility, and care are reflected in her work with them. Devon has a wonderful ability to elicit emotions and help clients organize their experience around those emotions in a safe and secure way—going at a client’s pace. I highly recommend Devon for those seeking therapy for life transitions, couple’s work and individual support.
— Kimberly Sandstrom, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Devon is an amazing EFT clinician whom I often refer. She is extremely well-versed in EFT and is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive environment for her clients to heal relational issues. I would trust Devon with my family - she’s that good. Anyone who is looking to repair & strengthen their relationships is in excellent hands with Devon.
— Jennifer Chappell Marsh, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Devon is an amazing clinician. I refer out to her knowing that she will provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment for all of her clients. Devon is extremely empathic, and her warmth allows others to feel comfortable in knowing they are not alone. Helping to empower others as they heal and move forward is, without a doubt, what Devon was meant to do!
— Kate Kutner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist